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Can be Taken as Post Cycle Therapy(take for 30- 60 days following a cycle) or as a standalone testosterone booster.

Tribulus terrestris- Increases muscle mass, enhance athletic performance, enhance libido, enhances sexual function, and reduce swelling.

Mucuna Pruriens- Reduced levels of cortisol and oxidative damage, Activation of androgen receptors, Boost in dopamine production, Increased testosterone levels and decreased prolactin levels.

Ashwagandha - Decreases stress, helps build muscle, increasing testosterone, an increase in concentration/memory, and also lowers levels of stress.

Vitamin D3 - Increases testosterone levels, helps lose excess weight, normalize blood pressure, better mood, and boost sex drive. 



  • Build And Preserve Muscle While Burning Fat
  • Release Testosterone Naturally
  • Reduce Estrogen levels
  • Prevent Gyno
  • Improve Strength and Recovery
  • Enhances Sex Drive / Libido

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